Cheap Tertiary Photo Backup for iDevices

Want to know a really cheap / basic way to have a 3rd backup of atleast part of your photo collection?

Normally you should have atleast 1 full backup on a backup drive of all your personal data, photos, docs, email etc. If you have an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone of sufficient storage capability, a super easy way to keep a backup of of atleast part of your photo collection is to sync the ‘last 12 months’ album to your iDevice.

Some caveats:

  • this doesn’t backup all your photos though you could if you don’t have that many with some other options
  • this doesn’t provide full res backups
  • this should not replace a REAL backup plan
This method at least, in the worst case scenario provides a backup of any photos you sync, albeit, at a lower resolution. But if you lose everything else but your iDevice, at least you’ll have something right?!
And the word of the day is ‘Albeit’:

Definition of ALBEIT

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