Finding respectability

I have zero idea where our next batch of leaders will come from. The deacons and board members of our churches, the pastors, the mentors that we all need.

I see my peers through facebook you see, and even many of our elder type folk. Facebook is a different kind of beast. You see a lot more of the person oddly enough then you do in person at church, or out and about. On facebook you see the idle comments, the status updates, where they are at all times, you see the opinons, shared links (youtube sharing choices are telling) and so on. Far more then regular everyday contact do you see them and to a detriment.

If the people I hold in high regard now had facebook in their generation and I was around to see it, would I think of them the same?

Realistically they would have had their own dirt proportional and as shocking in relation to the time and era they were in. We all say it was better ‘back then’ and so in some ways I really hope it was and thats what created a good number of stand up type guys.

I’m not sure what I’m saying in all this. The current stand ups and mentors were likely no different then the people I think I know now who will take positions of leadership soon? Or there actually was a time when people held more values which created a crop of good solid Christians??

After thinking about it, I guess I don’t know anymore. Everyone will fail you if you’re the one trying to measure them up to some standard. Its totally unfair to expect a perfect person, sheltered from the world, perfect in wisdom. Jesus / God is the ultimate standard we should strive for and realize that man, no matter the age, upbringing or perceived wisdom is fallible, sinful and ultimately weak and powerless without a forgiving and gracious father in heaven.

So the lesson to myself and to others is… take stock of your online image, is it the same as the one you portray at church? I think facebook is the greater barometer of where you REALLY are in your christian walk. Are you lifting others up? Telling others about Jesus and providing good influence through youtube vids and shared links? Do people see a ‘christian’ when they view your profile?? And if they look through the history of your posts, blogs, shares, and friends, do they see someone trying to honour Christ?

I think I have a lot to live up to here… text for thought.

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