Sewing – the last frontier

So I took home-ec. We drove to Sunderland in public school to take home ec and we learned basic cooking skills, sewing, and other things I’m sure but I don’t recall what else…

In that class I sewed a pair of boxing gloves from a pattern, and learned things like turning fabric inside out, sewing, that turning outside in again to get a nice finished product – like a pillow. Anyways, small thing, but something you can transfer to any kind of sewing. Even just learning how to thread needles and the threader helper tools and such is handy.

Since then I’ve sewed coats, overalls, hockey bags and hockey equipment and all sorts of things. One thing about it though, regular thread doesn’t work for heavy fabrics, massive oversized teddy bears or work overalls.. What does work is fishing line. Thats right, fishing line makes incredible thread and its nice and strong. The pic shows my hockey bag sewed up with fishing line. And the needles I use for that are actually a set of leather needles.

So have a material where regular thread won’t do? Raid your tackle box!

Oh, and on top, I think all kids should take home ec, auto repair, and swimming lessons. Those should be mandatory and kids should really be taught to take these things seriously. You learn things that are useful for many other life challenges.

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  1. Gotta love large over sized teddy bears! LOL and I think you are right, kids need to learn the basics and not rely on other people for fixing buttons, hemming or any other sort of skill learned in Home EC! I remember driving to Sunderland for the workshop too…I think I made book ends or something!

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