We own a castle
We own an expansive land parcel
We own the waterworks and run our own transportation ministry.
We own the sewage department too

We have indoor plumbing, flush toilets, hot showers
We have clean,fresh, cold filtered water on demand

We have more bedrooms that we can fill
We have a weather proof (resistant at least) shelter
We have indoor lighting, and electricity running through out our house

We have a nicely decorated interior with wall hangings, furniture, musical instruments
We have a sun gazing porch and a sky gazing deck

We have trees for shade and for maple syrup
We have raspberry bushes, strawberries and an apple tree

We have so much food on our table that a lot of it goes into the compost
We have cupboards full of food, canned, dry, frozen goods, fruits and vegetables

We have our health and our youth and so many toys, big and small.

We live like kings and queens in our castle
We even have a moat (though without alligators..)

We own a castle and you do too probably.

Count yourselfs as the richest 8% in the world. You probably own more stuff and have more wealth then 92% of the rest of the people in the world.

You live in luxury and I do too, with excess.

I’m thankful and that by default is an understatement.

God has blessed us richly, so what do we do with it all?

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