Happy Birthday to me

Its my birthday, I’m 34 today. Maybe another 40 years to live? Three score and 10 or a little more as the bible records as being the lifespan of man generally. For my birthday I got a super cool apple peeler. Always wanted one, I found it so tedious to peel apples, especially when you could get an old school mechanical peeler. We have yet to go apple picking but when we do, I’ll be ready!

Its interesting to do the once a year ‘look back’ at ones life and consider the events, and where one is at, and how many children one has and will have now and in the future. We have SO many more birthdays, Christmas’, thanksgivings etc ahead of us as we have kids and they grow old. Another 20 years of this as a family under one roof for sure. Should the Lord tarry of course.

PEI elected another liberal government which wasn’t a surprise by any stretch but odd that we didn’t more closely follow the rest of the country in electing more PC party members, granted, this isn’t the federal election that just happened, but even in that we elected liberals when the rest of the country booted them out. After an interestingly derived conversation with a former politician on the Island, we learned or at least heard that politics was ‘rotten to the core’ here on the Island. I hope thats not entirely true but its not really totally unexpected either. Such is inevitable with money and power and government.

Oh, and IOS 5 comes out today, the big apple event. Interested to see all of that, the biggest advance is wireless syncing in IOS5 which is WELL overdue. Plugging an iOS device to a computer is so year 2000 :/ Also, iphones coming out but I don’t care much about those… No need for a smartphone really, or a cellphone at all for that matter around these parts. You’re just never that far away from help or people you know here.

Prophetically and in many other ways the world is in a really interesting place. The economy is in bad shape, when will it crash already is my question? All this dire warning but it keeps going…. Wouldn’t it be kinda fun to lose everything and live off the land again? That would really separate the men from the boys! It sorta resets the industrial environment too, it starts everyone over. And then Bob public who was poor in this life could be the one with a country wide construction business in 20 years for example. It resets all the commercial businesses and puts everyone on the same playing field basically, ie zero money where you’re starting from scratch. It inspires invention and ingenuity and community spirit and brings family together. I think generally it makes everyone a stronger person and if its happening to everyone, then no one feels bad about it right?!

The current thing I’m watching prophetically is the greecian default – will that bring down the world economy or just be a bump? And whether or not Israel will decide to strike Iran because of their nuclear weapons. They are testing warheads for carrying nuclear payloads if you didn’t know. Its the worst kept secret that they are and the US, nor Israel will let them acquire nuclear weapons since geopolitically it changes the whole landscape and threatens Israels existence which would only take one nuke to destroy really being that its such a small country. Those two things are on the current ‘watch out for’ board. Syria is another biggish one but that seems to be taking forever to unfold and is a bit out of the spotlight right now.

Will I make it to 35 without the Lord coming back? Who knows, in one way I hope I don’t make 35, and in another I hope I have forever to see Arden grow up and to enjoy all the blessings of this world which God has made available to us.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

  1. You should reconsider your glee for worldwide calamity. Think through the consequences. It would be so much worse for so many people. It would also hamper vital Christian and aid missions. There’s is an ethical and moral side to your constant wish to see the world crash.

    Anyway, happy birthday!

    Consider your birthday as the reminder that you should want everyone to experience the blessings you have.

  2. Think. Of it this way, if it puts us on a level playing field with the rest of the world, i think good can come out of that. And I’m si ck of hearing about all the collapse stuff, let’s just get it done 😛 it will be better for all of us, well learn how to survive, how to share etc. We all have too much wealth over here anyways

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