This is a rare weekend for me, not often outside of a full vacation do I get 4 days off. What could be better then a long weekend? An even longer weekend 😉 So far so good, got lots of work done, cut some lumber, took the engine out of my seadoo for the second time, went to Port La Joye, and to Swiss Chalet, and then Cows for a cone! Good times! I love when we can get out and enjoy the local sites and amusements. With kids, everything is a bit more rigid, timelines, agendas etc, thats one thing I’ve found out with our first. Another thing is that I’ll miss a bit more church when they’re sick 😛 (As I am today)

The summer is for all intents and purposes over now, though the days are hot when the sun is shining. Hoping for a long warm fall – we’ll see how that goes. I think they forecast cooler and more rain then normal, I don’t think the rain part of it is abnormal though, we do live in the maritimes now… And thats not all bad at all. It will be nice as well to be alone in our house, its a lot of fun having lots of visitors and thats part of the reason we wanted a big house but its also nice to have a quiet house.

Really enjoying cutting firewood, and working outside on the seadoo, and cutting lawn and all that outdoors type stuff. One not as nice thing about working a 9 to 5 day job is that you work through all the sunny nice days. I suppose if I had a night shift somewhere, I’d be sleeping through sunny days anyways 😛 Such is life, we work work work, then we retire and are (often) totally bored until we die. It just makes me realize how far the world is from paradise, living in the garden and all. Sin is the reason we work day in day out to make a dollar. And on a sunday, its very appropriate to ponder that reality.

Btw, as I write this I’m listening to the worship at our church over Ustream ( Thanks to the guys who do the work to put that on faithfully! Mostly Chris and Ewan I suppose. Appreciate it!

And I’m off monday as well, the last day of the 4 day weekend, being that its labour day. What will we do? Well,.. I’ll probably get a bunch of work done and we’ll generally relax a bit – hoping Arden will be back to normal!

Praise the Lord in all things, we are so blessed, truly rich and we aren’t even in paradise yet. God is good!

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