Happy Birthday Mom

Today is Moms birthday. I think the easiest thing to do when one dies is to not thing about that one. Its hard when you start to think about it – especially when its immediate family. Overall its a sort of sad feeling of loss.

The hope that is within us through Jesus though is that one day we’ll see here again, an afterlife, yes. In eternity we will spend forever together not as a family as we are now but as children of God. Thats an interesting thing / time to think about. Seeing everyone you care about (hopefully) in heaven enjoying the presence and freedom of God.

Mom was big on creation and I think just getting into prophecy. Well, she had been interested for a long time I think but I was getting her up to date on the latest prophetic news as it relates to the current world, its leaders, countries and where we’re at and such.

I really don’t think we have many more years left before we will see mom again. Many prophecies are ready to come due any moment now with the stability of the world as it is. Sure they said it 100 years ago but Israel had to be a nation. And the bible speaks of weapons of mass destruction, they didn’t have nuclear weapons 100 years ago. No, we are at the time now where knowledge has increased, man can, with strategically plans nukes kill every living thing on the planet, no other time in history has man been able to do that. This means that God will come back as the bible says, just before everyone is wiped out by evil desires and will set things right.

Check out the book of Daniel speaking of the world kingdoms, the book of Ezekiel speaking of Syrias (Damascus) coming destruction, the book of revelation which details the state of churches in these days and the things that will come to pass. The bible is living and breathing, and well ahead of this mornings newspaper. God knows the endgame, He is waiting for a specific time in history to come to pass – and we don’t know what that is. No man knows the day or the hour the bible says, but we are instructed to recognize the season, and notice the signs of the times, and we are definitely in the season and the signs are ALL over the place.

Stay tuned for my Syria bible prophecy update – the destruction of Damascus could be around the corner!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom

  1. Micah, your mom would be so proud of the godly man you have become. Your blogs and Scriptural studies are an encouragement to me. Thank you!

  2. Well done Mic!
    You and your siblings are a blessing to me, to your mother and to those who come in contact with you. May God bless you, Lindsey and all your family – Dad

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