Its a super nice morning out, sunny on the porch, toasty warm. Its been rainy and cool for a larger part of the summer – things seem to be going this way. Hoping like last year, september is super nice and warm.I’ve started cutting my 7.85 cords of lumber, a very little bit. Ready to go full bore at it though. Just need some friends to come over to help, so if any of you are interested, I have a chainsaw to use 😉 . This year I have wood pallets to stack the wood on both beside the wood pile and along the side of the house. Hoping I can get a lot more of it stacked and dry this go around. Last year much of it was snow covered and wet… I also got my wood late, but it was just as well because it had been raining so much anyways 😛

Getting lots of work done around the house, this week mostly painting thanks to very eager and helpful relatives. The new paint makes a huge difference and really improves the value of the house. Paint is likely one of the things that provides the most return on the investment dollars put into it. Especially if the house is in need of more modern colours and options.

Its mom and dads anniversary today – Happy Anniversary!, and moms birthday tomorrow. Its nice sunny beautiful days that I think of and wish mom could be here to enjoy. I remember lots of sunny hot days in Cannington playing outside. Happy Birthday Mom!

World news, wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, all of it is really coming together, wow. I think there is no better time for the end of days to start. Signs of the times are obvious and exciting. I should do a prophecy update on Syria and the destruction of Damascus (you should read up on that biblically speaking) We could be very near that situation right now with the turmoil. NATO is close to moving in. Iran is deeply involved in all of this, proceeding with nuclear weapons. Israel is quite close to the day where if they don’t act, Iran will have fully capable nuclear weapons and that isn’t good for anyone. Theres a whole back story there and forward story for that matter. The bible is fully relevant to todays headlines.

Looking forward to the 2nd winter here using wood heat. I’m sure for the next 10 years I’ll figure out better / more efficient ways to do things. Still haven’t figured out if its cheaper to get 8 foot lengths and cut it all myself or to get it blocked and split… If I consider my time as free, then its cheaper, but it takes a large chunk of my time. I think the one thing that puts it over the edge as the better way is that I get good exercise that I wouldn’t otherwise get with my job as it is. And I don’t mind being outside either, its nice around here anytime it isn’t raining. Well its nice when its raining too but not so nice to do work outside when its raining.

I also cleared out the shed, need to make room to store the seadoo for the winter and to tuck the bike away. I probably won’t store the lawn tractor out there as I need that for plowing the drive. Would be nice to get a snowblower but … its not a critical piece of equipment if I manage the location of our wood well enough. We shall see.

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