To Do Lists and house hands

Finally got my firewood, not quite 8 cords, 7.85 or so Stephen says. Its a big pile of lumber and work regardless. I also need more then 8 cords so I have a few plans for a bit more. I’ve already collected a trailer load of free pallets – good for stacking on or for burning. There are many more free loads of wood to get though so I think I might plan to get another one. Also have a pile of poplar trees on a friends farm that needs cutting up and gathering… kinda need someone to help with that one.

Its times like these I would LOVE to have a farm hand, someone who I can give odd jobs, so one who will work for room and board… that sort of thing. THe way it used to work or did work in the past. We have SO much stuff around here to do that it would easily be a full-time job getting things done around the house.

Repairs, wood cutting and splitting for winter, landscaping / cutting, small engine repairs, renovations, clean up. I don’t want a slave or anything 😛 But would love to have a boarder whose job it was to help out with all these things. I’m guessing it would be hard to find a hard worker these days who is willing to work for room and board and maybe a small allowance who is also honest and hardworking AND who knows how to do things like fix small engines and general mr fixit type stuff. I guess if they knew all of that and had the gumption to do it, they would have a ‘real’ job :/

I guess thats where children come in though eh! Would be awesome to have a helper around though most kids aren’t willing to do a lot of work like that since room and board is just expected and certainly, you’re not going to kick your child out because he/she doesn’t help you haul firewood 😛

Sometimes I wish we lived in a poorer country where you could get labour for cheap, but then I probably wouldn’t be making as much either.. boo-urns. Even to have a fully and well paid honest round the house person would be great but thats impractical for a variety or reasons, no the least of which is that we don’t have the money.

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