Prophetic Update – August

In my ongoing prophetic update I list certain world events and how they relate to bible prophecy. Now I’m no teacher particularly and definitely am not the most knowledgable on this stuff but I know enough that it warrants sharing I think. These days people are so unaware of world events, and how they relate to their bibles. The bible is living and breathing and incredibly relevant to our times.

The latest news right now is the US economy and those of Greece, Italy and some of the others that are on the verge of bankruptcy – and would be bankrupt without large bailouts which do nothing to fix the issue. The bailouts themselves really only serve to prop up the government or the economy for a bit longer. All money systems are based on fiat money, basically made up, monopoly money that we all (including you and me) put faith in to represent certain value and so we by and sell with faith in our fiat money believing that we will be able to by x amount of goods tomorrow with it and that, if nothing else, we could trade it in for REAL assets, like gold, or even a wooden chair.

Its this faith in our economy that is the only thing that makes it work. As soon as the pendulum of consumer confidence starts the downward swing, there is no stopping it.

Fiat money is money that has value only because of government regulation or law. The term derives from the Latin fiat, meaning “let it be done”, as such money is established by government decree. Where fiat money is used as currency, the term fiat currency is used.
Fiat money originated in 11th century China,[1] and its use became widespread during the Yuan and Ming dynasties.[2] The Nixon Shock of 1971 ended the direct convertibility of the United States dollar to gold. Since then all reserve currencies have been fiat currencies, including the dollar and the euro.[3]

What will it take to shake our confidence? Oddly, right now, people are so unconnected I think with world events that we don’t even think about the possibility that our cash could be worthless. They apparently lost 1 trillion dollars on the drop the other day due to the US downgrade, much of that is real money, the rest is likely inflated amounts that, return or inflation dollars people were hoping to get out of the rise in the stock markets. There will be some major shift in the world economy that will force all to do away with the US dollar as the base monetary unit for trading oil and other such things and move to a cashless society, and a world governed body that controls the next ‘kind’ of money, whether its tangible or electronic. All signs point to it being an electronic money system because that is easily trackable and manageable by a world government body. Think debit and credit cards ONLY, no more change, or bills in your pockets. Convenient many say… One step further away from a money system that is real in any definition.

btw, 100 years ago, or maybe even less in Canada, the currency used to be beaver pelts! We used to pay for goods with fur. Go google that. That was a time when you paid for something tangible and with value and you received something tangible and with value. Also read up on our switch from a gold backed currency to the new fiat currency as alluded to in the wiki quote.

Why does all this matter? The bible speaks of a world currency system, and one world government. For there to be such a major shakeup of the status quo, some worldwide event needs to force it not being, ie a world economic crash.

Also the war in Syria is big, the bible speaks of damascus being completely ruined, a pile of rubble, it’s currently the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world. That prophecy may come soon if NATO steps in like they did in Libya.

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