Sunny Saturday Morning

Its a sunny saturday morning. A little cool, 18 or something outside… I’m relaxing here in our dining room looking out the front window on the sun covered rolling hills and wind swept grass. We haven’t decided what to do yet.

Over to Greenwich ,and then Naufrage maybe? Also have big plans to get a clothesline up and running. Maybe do some mowing today too… Its really nice to have a few plans and the rest of the day to relax and ‘toodle’ around the house. Its extra nice to toodle when its sunny and warm out!

This morning Arden and I were out on the front lawn, its a great place in the morning to wonder about, pick the dandelions and buttercups that spring up and absorb some of the warmth from the sun. Too bad UV is so high these days – and apparently will be for the summer. Can’t just go out and enjoy the sun without thinking 🙁 Back in my day, we didn’t worry about that… we also got skin cancer 😛

I’m off to do something more productive now. Have a great saturday all!

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6 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday Morning

  1. I think he means the whole right half of the photo isn’t as bright as the left half.

    Good luck with the clothesline! I love having a clothesline. Dwayne just put ours back up a couple of weeks ago. This time it runs right off the back step. I don’t have to walk out into the yard with the bears and mosquitoes… 🙂

  2. Want our +9 and rainy? 😉 Actually, I’m quite happy about the cool and rainy today. It is ridiculously dry around here. I’d welcome a downpour at this point. Access to a PEI beach would be even better though! 🙂

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