Apples, Peaches and Plums

So I was walking around Canadian Tire today and wandered into the garden section. All manner of plants, plowers, berry bushes sat stacked on palettes ready to be planted. Wow I thought to myself as I walked by raspberry bushes (plants at this stage), we have those already on our property. We have strawberry bushes too, though small.

I asked a wandering ‘associate’, “do you sell trees?”. He pointed me to the door where the outdoor section of the garden center extended. Now I”ll preface this that its ironic that I’m wow’d by the variety of plants and trees you can buy 😛 As if they aren’t all around us outside but we don’t notice seemingly..

Anyways, I noticed they had sugar maples there, exactly what we need to plant to get some true maple syrup. (the sole tree we have now is a manitoba maple, not ideal for syrup but not that far off either). I walked past all the different kinds, sugar maple, purple maple, … and yadda yadda, whatever other types of maple there were, even japanese maples. Then I got to the good section.

There were crabapple trees, plum trees, pear trees, peach trees and cherry. And I said to myself, “self, this is stupid that the government doesn’t legislate that everyone have fruit trees on their land”. I mean really, we’re suckers for going to work just so we can go to the grocery store and purchase insecticide laden fruit from cuba or mexico or wherever it comes from. Granted, not all fruits will grow here but… We have the ability for about $70 to purchase 1 apple tree which when mature (in a 2 or 3 years) will produce more apples then we will be able to consume as a single family. We can purchase a peach tree that will do the same, all fresh, right on our door. You can’t get any more ‘green’ and natural then that!

We humans are a stupid bunch. It should be law that we all have at least one apple tree so we have fresh healthy fruit to eat. We can grow blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, grow a cherry tree,, chestnut trees, plum trees. When you think about it, we are really a backwards bunch, doing things the hard and unhealthy way. Sure trees are more work but you get exercise, fresh air, and 100% healthy free fruit every year. No pesticides, no growth hormones, no shiny wax to help them sell, no machine picked bruising.

I’m not saying go start a farm, that is a LOT of work, I’m saying there are some SUPER basic things we could all be doing which would save us money, make us healthier, AND save the earth, its called ‘doing things the way God originally planned’ and letting nature do its thing on a scale that is just perfect for families.

For Ardens 1st birthday we plan to get 2 apple trees (two because they recommend that when planting them). As I said, we already have strawberries growing and raspberries that can both be encouraged and expanded. At the same time, I would love to get maybe a peach tree, or a cherry tree. These are free bird feeders, no restocking necessary, and are free habitat (bird houses), they provide shade in the hot summer, wind breaks in the winter and literally tons of fruit, more then we’ll even eat. How great is that?

I didn’t even mention tree forts, and a great apparatus for climbing, and science and learning for young Arden and the rest of our children, and free food, did I mention that?

Sometimes I come across something, my eyes are opened for a second and I think… man its all there, it just works, God has it all figured out, but then I, and we all go back to being useless humans doing things our way 😛 We really make life hard on us!

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