The age of the earth

The earth is about 6000 years old, maybe up to 10,000. There is lots of evidence to prove a young earth age, and by doing so, totally disproves evolution. But, I’m not going to get into evolution today. I read a very interesting article on the calendars we have examples of today from the various civilizations. While not proof, they are tantalizing anecdotes apparently providing credence to a young earth. The article is here:

The Chinese lay claim to being the world’s oldest civilization. Whether or not that is true, according to the Chinese calendar, which is the oldest calendar in continuous use since inception, this is the year 4704, dating from around the time of Noah and the Flood.

The oldest calendar in use in terms of length is the Byzantine calendar, which uses the Julian date for its calculations, beginning with Day One, AM (Anno Mundi) on September 1, 5509.

But the Byzantine calendar is based on the Julian calendar created by astronomer Sosigenes of Alexandria 45 years before Christ. It isn’t based on human history, but rather by assuming an arbitrary date for creation based on the position of the stars, and then working forward.

What is fascinating about all of these calendars is that none of them (except the Byzantine) reach further back than about six thousand years.

Check out the rest of the article for interesting details, its not by any stretch a research paper, totally opinion based on some knowledge gathered about the various calendars but doesn’t it just make sense? For young ‘earthers’ this is really interesting stuff and it just adds to the pile of evidence, true, and just stuff that points towards a young earth.

If man truly has has been around for longer then 6000 years and civilization for longer then 6000 years, you would think we would have an example of an older calendar. If you look at the biblical and historical flood story though, it all makes sense that they would start calendars as of that time.

Anyways, have a read, think on it yourself and find out where the evidence leads you!

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