Where are we at in bible prophecy? May 11th, 2011

Wow, what a time to live in. Here are the updates. Incredible things happening in the world related to bible prophecy.

Middle East Uprisings
All the uprisings are removing secular governments. you heard it right, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, China and so on, they are all secular governments which the west basically approved of because even though they were harsh dictators, there at least was some kind of stability, and some kind of discussion, and international cooperation able to be had. THere were people in the chairs at the UN and the G20 summits that were approachable, willing to work with the others in the world and move, if even super slowly, towards better human rights etc. What or who is replacing these relatively stable secular governments? Groups like the muslim brotherhood and such that want to bring more strict forms of justice based on sharia law and more conservative systems. This also means more radical ideas, less equality, less human rights, more potential harboring of terrorists, less interaction and cooperations with the security council and the UN. This is all around a destabilizing situation in the middle east. And a HUGE shift, this is a turning point, where before we could work with the Mubaraks and the Saudi Royal family, today there is huge pressure to resist the big satan (the west, america) and destroy the little satan (Israel) and help the poor palestinians vanquish the invading and occupying Israelis… Ok, you get the idea. btw, I have nothing against the Palestinians personally, but they really need to accept where they are, get day jobs and work with the international community and make peace with their neighbours, and that includes not just Israel but peace with Egypt (who won’t let them immigrate) and Lebenon.

Earthquakes and floods
Anyone hear of any earthquakes and floods happening? Flooding in the US is the worst since 1974 or something, maybe even older, I forget the date. And earthquakes, just this morning there were 22 earthquakes in Italy, they are happening every single day now somewhere in the world. Birth pains!

Wars and Rumours of wars
Iran has fueled up its reactor, just yesterday, there is a power struggle there with Ahmed… and Komeini the spiritual leader, who knows what that will lead to. Ahmeds stated goal is to wipe out Israel. The Fatah and Hamas groups in palestine (which by name isn’t a real place, never was, they were the philistines of the bible) have gotten together, so no more peace hopes with Israel. They want to declare a state come september – start looking for the building of a peace treaty and / or someone to push through one of the ones already on the table. And Syria squashing all the decent among their own people and harboring of terrorists that march into Lebanon and wage war against Israel – Israel has amassed troops on Syrias border because of all the unrest there. What does it all add up to? Radical muslim groups taking over governments, all surrounding Israel, with basically most of their stated goals or wishes being to wipe Israel out, with the guise of helping the palestinians get back into ‘their’ land.

I’m not making any of this stuff up, this is in your newspapers, on the National (and national news programs). THe price of oil is going way up which only helps to weaken the US as a world power – most would agree that they, the US needs to become less of a world player in order for a world government to come on the stage and actually work – this too is bible prophecy.

Oh, False prophets
Any one hear that May 21st is the end of the world? How about Irans making of the Imam Mahdi video telling of their end times messiah? Google it, its up on youtube for all to see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwiadYT-N9k called ‘The coming is upon us’.

Big things happening. Canada elected Stephen Harper again!! Oh wait… thats not biblically relevant..

You need to be aware of this, read your bible, hold up these things to the light of the bible, the books of Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel. We are in some crazy times, stop eating, drinking and being merry and realize big things are coming! The bible speaks of all these things and christians need to be aware.

Check out the Epicenter Conference coming up on the 15th: http://www.epicenterconference.com/ They are going to speak on basically all of these current world events in relation to the bible and bible prophecy. It will be an eye opener for anyone who hasn’t heard this stuff yet.

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4 thoughts on “Where are we at in bible prophecy? May 11th, 2011

  1. Chronologically, where are we in the bible? What book of the bible are we in. I am thinking of a historical timeline when I ask this question.

  2. Its not so much which book of the bible we’re in but what chapter of what books. We haven’t gotten into the judgements of revelation. Daniel 8 hasn’t happened yet but will soon according the the fig tree prophecy and Israel becoming a nation again after 2000 years. Ezekiel 37 has basically happened with the dry bones being Israel but chapter 38 has not, referring to the great war. The bible is less about chronology specifically and more about pockets of prophecy that relate to each other throughout the bible. On the prophetic timeline, since Israel is a nation, we’re now looking for a peace covenant to be established and the anti-christ revealed. However many believe including me that the bible teaches a pre-tribulation rapture that will occur just before the anti-christ is revealed… basically, nothing is left to be fulfilled prophetically – you couldn’t save that before 1948 when Israel became a nation, they had to exist before prophecy could continue on. So the rapture of the church is basically next, followed by the 7 year peace deal, the breaking of that deal and war using what is described as weapons of mass destruction.

    but don’t take my word for it, google all the different views and teachers on it, more importantly, open your bible and read Matthew, Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel, Revelation and others to get a prophetic view.

  3. I have no doubt we are on the doorstep of the rapture. The scriptures are very clear in the fact that there will be forerunners of the antichrist, and can it be contested but what we are not seeing that today? I have never in my 55 years seen the things that are happening today, and it is only the fact that I am almost home that gets me through it.

  4. Some incredible things are happening right now for sure, with Syria, and the general positioning in the middle east .Things are accelerating and for those watching, its an exciting time to be alive. We are in biblical times, the climax of biblical times actually.

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