We went for an excellent ride yesterday. A mothers day ride, 4 couples hopped on bikes and we rode from Charlottetown to Montague. We stopped at the local Tims and joined 20 or so other bikers and bikes enjoying the relatively weather. That image obviously isn’t us 😀 but I suppose we would have blended in there, all of us except for Lindsey and I on our Honda xr650

Summer is coming and that’s great for more riding and soon lawn mowing. The grass is JUST about ready for the first cut. It’s been rainy and wet here so the Island is getting greener every day. The trees are in full budding, the birds are out fishing in the river – just saw one grab a fish out our front window.

I haven’t got the mower deck on the tractor yet though. That’s next, also need a battery charger… As my tractor battery is dead and possibly toast.

The birds are chirping out, it’s a cool morning and I got the fire started. Burning through a lot of the scrap lumber around he house. Might as well burn it instead of paying to take it to the dump! I try not to burn really junky wood but who knows what I’ll do. Were trying to make it to June without buying more wood – June is when we get our 8 cords for the next season.

We’re also well under way to finishing the last upstairs room and cleaning up the yard. Things are really coming along. Should be a good summer of productivity, vacation, visitors and prophecy news!!

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