Taking A Load Off

I got my trailer all loaded up with an old toilet, sinks, busted screen door, cabling, 7 or so old lead acid batteries, 14 cans of paint, and lots of household garbage. Call it spring cleaning I suppose. It’s just further cleanup of junk around our place that’s been there for a long time and needs to move.

I think,… Well, I know we have a nice property, and it’ll be even nicer now that a log of the extra stuff lying around is gone. It’s quite nice to get rid of loads at the dump ( read waste management drop off facility) , even though it costs money.

I also have my Honda insured, temp license acquired and inspection scheduled. I’ll be riding on Saturday.. Even if only to the Honda dealership for inspection. I’ll have to wait until monday at earliest to get down to the government offices to switch the registration on it. Should be fun anyways!In other news, we have moire snow on the ground, same as what ontario got I suppose. I am indeed looking forward to a good long summer now, mowing lawns, sitting outside under the sun, sitting on the deck doing some staring…. All that good island passtime stuff.

Plus, lots of visitors coming this summer. Good times!

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