Blogsy, So Far The Best Blogging App On IPad

Howdy all, just testing Blogsy blogging iPad app…

Check it out at I think… The Only issue with this is that my blog requires images to be on server to use as a featured image in my featured blog thingy. I need to get on that and make it work rather then waiting on Blogsy to provide a version that allows image uploads…

Not sure why I didn’t think of is before… However, I m also not sure why there are no full featured blogging apps for iPad since it seems like the perfect blogging device!

Ahwell,… So this blog won’t have a featured image, so be it,not until I fix it.

If anybody has an app they prefer for blogging, do let me know

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One thought on “Blogsy, So Far The Best Blogging App On IPad

  1. Great news!! I have not been happy with anything else of yet either – and with plugin for images works well. I have been hesitant to purchase apps, but looks like Blogsy is the answer. Thanks

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