The Professional Chimney Sweep

So I figured I d better sweep my chimney, it had been about two months. As soon as I got the first length of rod down, i noticed some real nice creosote buildup. As I got down to the bottom, I came to a point where I couldn’t u sh the rod down any further…? I was one full rod away from the bottom as I knew from the previous sweeps. Ohwell i thought, there is a bit there where it catchers, maybe it’s fine. Then Lindsey comes out telling me there is a lot of smoke coming from the basement :/.

So as I went down, and it was FILLED wi th smoke down there, I eventually got it aired o. T enough where i wo uldnt die and proceed to open up the clean out plug at the bottom odd the chimney. Needless to say it seas packed full, i had even compressed it as I was trying to jam the rods down from the top. I proceeded to scoop out two large buckets full, and even had. To ‘dig up’ because it was jammed that far up and wouldn’t fall down.

I then had to disconnect the furnace pipe into the chimney because the draft still wasn’t there, the pipe was 3/4s plugged with the soot I pushed down.

Seem to have it all in order now. Lesson learned hopefully, I had never actually cleaned that out before!

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