A snowy saturday and some thoughts


Its snowing here, around zero.. I finished off a bunch of maple syrup which I had boiling for probably 16 hours or something… that was maybe as many litres of sap. I got 3 little jars which works out to 3/4 litre or something. I don’t boil it down as much as you’re supposed to. I find my candy thermometer actually was a little off, I tried it in boiling water which is supposed to read 100 when water is boiling and it was only showing about 95 degrees celsius?? I read you’re supposed to test them that way. Maybe I need to get another style of thermometer. I can’t really trust it. Of course, watching it boil, I’m always scared of boiling it too far.

I’m also still a bit sick, which makes me extra lazy, so today I took a drive to Tims and up around Kensington and across highway 6. Actually feeling a bit better now so thats great! Then I split some wood I had hauled in the other day and stacked it… And I worked on some websites. SO mundane eh!

btw, I’m typing this using a bluetooth keyboard on iPad. Great test of the keyboard and so far its great.

One rant I do want to go on is the app store on the ipad. There are apparently 300k apps, 65k of which are iPad specific. But can you find them all? not easily?

1) If you click into a category and start searching through it page by page and decide to read up more on one:
a) if you choose to install it, it boots you out of the app store so you can’t keep browsing
b) if you click ‘back’ button to go back to the page you were on in the search (which may be 6 pages in from the start of the category listing), most the time it resets you back to the first page of apps and then you have to click through 6 or 8 or 20 pages to get back to the one you wanted
c) if you had changed the sort by type, sometimes it doesn’t even remember what you sorted by?? (ie popular or by price, or whatever)
2) there are only a few ways to search, populate, price (paid or free), you can only scroll through one page at a time (no pagination where you can jump to page 10 right away, no, you have to go through each page :/ )

I’m sure there are more bugs / inconsistencies… how does anybody find anything on that app store? Its REALLY brutal.., I can’t say that strongly enough, it almost doesn’t work unless you only care about the top 10 popular apps. Apples stuff most the time ‘just works’, but the app store hardly does.

While I’m ranting, why is there no iPad app that works for wordpress? I do have the official one,.. I think its official, the main one anyways. It, just like the browser interface on the ipad don’t have expandable nor scrolling text areas, and the WYSIWYG seems to actually not be WYSIWYG at all, but plain text 🙁 Really… is this thing flash or something. Not sure why its such a hard thing to do, I just want a WYSIWIG where I can type and apply a featured image. Sadly, something I haven’t found yet. GOing to start searching for something that works after this though. THeres GOTTA be something that will work. For now, I need to tweak these wordpress posts on a ‘real’ computer :/ Ahwell, so much for the solid state / wireless / touch interface dream. Maybe next year eh?

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