My hot water boiler project

My long ago promised video of my wood hot water boiler. This is a vid of my setup, my Ardent wood furnace with a single hot water coil in it (the unit will take two if you want for another  $200 I believe). The water tank there is a brand new electric hot water tank, and the electric part of it is not in use. I just wanted the tank and I couldn’t find a cheaper tank. This was about $230 from home depot I think, cheapest pressure tank locally I could find. I had an old used one but it had rust holes in it and once there are rust holes, you can’t patch them up… trust me 😛 … I tried for about a week straight to weld, and epoxy up the pin hole rust spots. Its a waste of time!

So, this is driven by convection, cold water rushes to the bottom of the tank, sits in the bottom of the furnace coil, heats up, begins to rise, hot water rises up the top pipe into the top of the water tank, and relatively colder water continues downwards, and the cycle repeats itself and continually heats up the water in the tank. Its replenished by the cold water intake from the well. From this unit, the hot water output goes into my oil fired regular hot water tank and from there the house.

Technically I could run the whole house off the wood furnace, it heats up a lot of hot water, more then enough for us but I would need to bypass the oil water tank because it otherwise sits in there, being inline with the flow, and cools down over time.

Took lots of copper fittings and a good number of hours, especially considering I’d never done this before, so it was all ‘seat of my pants’. Its been working well for months and significantly reduces our oil usage!! Its easily paid for itself indeed!

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