I’m home alone as lindsey is out on the town tonight, somewheres in Charlottetown. I’m sitting watching RMR, boiling sap, and generally taking it easy.

I’m also practicing typing on my iPad. I think if this was a widescreen device, and the keyboard was slightly wider, it would make all the difference for typing fast. Unfortunately it’s a tad cramped which means hitting the wrong (virtual) key is easy to do and happens often. Another downfall of it is that there are no cursor buttons to quickly correct by going back a few spaces. Aside from these things, its usable…

I just downloaded ‘we rule’ for iPad too. Ill be playing trust shortly and I’ll likely write a blog on it too if i really like it 😉

So far for maple syrup, we have about 3/4s of a litre so far. We should have a couple litres once all is said and done. Jill be sure to tally that up aswell after the sap season!

I’m off to continue slacking, ttyl.

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