Things are quite busy these days, hardly any time to relax. Lots of websites to build and upkeep, lots of wood to haul in. Seems like we haven’t caught up since we got back from Ontario.

We ordered another 3 cords of blocked and split firewood – our wood is well and truly covered in snow, which wouldn’t be horrible but the fact that I need to transport it in quantity across the lawn over to the house with 4 feet of snow hinders it all. All I need is one of those flat toboggans to pile the wood on and drag it. But no stores sell them anymore!! I have to wait until next fall because they are seasonal shipment things :/ I could order one from Ontario through Canadian Tire but they said I would have to pay for the shipping… What? You’d think they’d have big warehouses with this stuff piled high and they could just get it shipped with their next stock order… Apparently not. So I need a toboggan, to drag it, OR a smaller snow blower to blow a path for me to use a wheelbarrow. None of which I seem to be able to acquire easily. Plus all that wood is wet so it should have been in the basement for weeks now drying.

So, 3 cords of dry split stuff will get us through the rest and probably be too much but at least its dry. Still have the problem of getting it into the house but with it being dry already, brining a bit in each day shouldn’t be so bad.

Hopefully next week we’ll be able to relax a bit. To add to all this, I got a new work computer the other day and that was fun setting up :S Windows Starter its a bit useless, no extended desktop which was the key for me. I had to get Home Premium. I got an Acer Aspire One netbook, 10inch screen, 1 gig ram, 250gig harddrive (which I hope to replace with a 40 gig SSD). Windows 7 isn’t too bad actually. So this machine takes the daily 9 to 5 load off my macbook which has been the workhorse for 2 years now going pretty much 24/7. If I wasn’t doing 9to5 work, it was crunching movies, backing up, downloading itunes, rendering websites, getting bumped around on business trips and vacations. It SO deserves a break!

To take even MORE load off, I’m excited and in anticipation of the March 25th release of the iPad 2 in Canada. I’m ready to pre-order as soon as possible or just plain order as soon as I can. Come on Apple, turn on the pre-orders please – never understood why every company doesn’t allow pre-ordering? Seems good to lock people in at the time they get excited about it… Anyways. SOON, and that will be my total recreation device. The macbook will become the family system.

So thats the update for today. The sun is out, its -15 or so, and I need to go stoke the fire!

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