I’m feeling less and less able to say what I really think in my blog posts. Not that its a totally wrong thing really. Thing is, everything I say and do first of all *should* reflect Christlikeness. Beyond that, I have to watch what I say since this blog is open to the world. I need to ensure I don’t say something off the cuff about my job that might be taken wrong, or about say, my webdesign stuff, as it all rolls into how people portray me, whether I get a job or not, whether my current 9 to 5 employers see me as an asset or liability.

With so many people able to get to my blog, its less of a ‘between friends’ thing and more of a public persona thing and the latter is what I need to ensure is well groomed. Not untruthful, but measured, and appropriate for my audience (potentially the whole world).

Some things I don’t care what people read into, creation stuff, prophecy stuff, people need to get out and learn about that. After all, through that, they might find Jesus and there is no more noble and eternally sufficient cause then that!

We need to realize though that blogs while great for family to read, really shouldn’t have anything uber personal on it, not that you would want EVERYONE to see. Some things, indeed, many things, verily, verily, Β and all that, some things are just better expressed in person to whomever your listener is.

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4 thoughts on “Muzzled

  1. Yes of course – but don’t think you are crossing that path.
    But – you really did add a donation link for your iPad? hahahhahaha
    I don’t have one yet or I would donate πŸ™‚

  2. Darleen, its actually worked πŸ™‚ Was a great hint for Christmas gifts this year! πŸ˜€ But ya, its tongue in cheek as they say.

    Matt, what sounds fishy? There actually isn’t any hidden message here, I was just thinking about it. I often have to censor myself cause I’ll often have inflammatory things to say if I let it out. Even a fool is considered wise if he does not open his mouth!

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