Started watching this on the plan from Toronto to Montreal. Its intriguing. I think because at some levels Mark reminds me of myself. I ain’t no genius, harvard grad, or a super nerd. Still, I understand the language, the coding, the computer talk about servers, the mention of scripting, and the ability to make something out of nothing, with hundreds of lines of code and an imagination.

It reminds me of the various projects I’ve undertaken, probably most notably the college project I did to create a member based website along the line of and the google home pages –  you know where you can login, add modules, change colours on your personal login, all that stuff. I made mine JUST as those were launching, or maybe even before at least in relation to googles website. Though what I did wasn’t original, it was developed when all that was starting, even before things like joomla or wordpress took off. It was a monumental achievement at the time, for me anyways.

I led a team of 3, two other students including me while at Sir Sandford Fleming college, the Brealey campus in Peterborough. We worked basically on a website for the entire semester as it was our final 3rd year project. It was huge at the time, I led with the bulk of the site coding. It was a multiple columned interface where you could add or remove widgets such as weather, bookmarks, note widgets and such from ‘sticky’ sites. Basically a fully dynamic website  which include modules specific to the library as well. The point was that people going to the library would be able to create a login for the site, customize it and generally create a way to keep people updated on library  happenings and, at least in some circumstances, have the people use the library site as their homepage being that it was totally customizable.

We got the Bell Gold award for that one, best project I think it was… One of the best projects that year anyways! They only just took it down a year or two ago, it had been there for 6 or 7 years or something anyways. For me, that was a such a personal achievement and source of pride.

Here is the site now:

I’m not sure the direction they went was an upgrade, less interactiveness, fewer options, well you can’t even login and customize it :p Anyways, kinda a step back in my view for them. They could have updated the look of the site I had created and gotten many more years out of it cause the backend was very versatile. Ohwell…

So anyways, just for a number of reasons that movie reminds me of what I do. I haven’t made millions but I’m able to create things that people use like the website, and I’m even able to make a little money from things I create. Very cool!

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