My first favourite iPad App – Flipboard

So I don’t have an iPad yet but I already know one of the first apps I’ll be downloading. Flipboard. Its an RSS Feed aggregator at face value – but its much more than ¬†that!

In a nutshell, it takes feeds from twitter, facebook and other RSS feeds, and makes them into what look like little magazines. ¬†Right now I don’t even check twitter, the shine faded a couple months ago on that, don’t even think my blog posting is working to it, well I know it isn’t, I just turned off the plugin this week but I hadn’t even checked lately if it was working when the plugin was active (I deactivated it troubleshooting another issue).

The website goes through a real nice demo of how it works, what to use it for. Basically, I would plug in all the blogs I follow, facebook, twitter, maybe even cbc and other sites with RSS and allow Flipboard to generate social media magazines of all the content. You can literally flip through it all, any links will be pulled out by Flipboard and added as clips of info and images from said link. Basically visual web spidering! What a great way to get an overview of all the things friends and family are saying and linking to and to view the current events as well.

For me, the ability to view clips of each without having to read the whole thing or click on an feed email specifically (like the reader in is what it will take for me to keep up with it. Right now, I just remove feeds if I’m not keeping up on them, they kinda overwhelm me.

So, check it out, if you have an iPad, try it out, if you don’t… get an iPad and try it out! I’m saving up for mine, and waiting for Gen 2 as well.

[youtube v2vpvEDS00o]

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