The weather – up and down

We’ve had all sorts of weather in the last week, snowy, down to almost -20, heavy rain and +1 the next day, back to below zero temps of a couple degrees, windy blowing snow. I guess this is the fun of living in the maritimes, lots of weather pattern changes.

The -18 or whatever it got down to was interesting. Got a chance to see how the house did in very cold weather. It was actually pretty decent, apart from the known cold spots it was certainly livable. Granted, I was regularly feeding the wood furnace during it. Tossed in some of the biggest logs yet ┬áto keep it roaring. That morning the house had cooled off to 15 degrees, I think 13 up stairs, just nothing you can do unless you get up in the middle of the night to stoke the fire. It wasn’t horrible but anything colder and I’d have to turn on the oil again just to keep it from falling off too far.

I’ll be away next week on business so Lindsey will need to stoke the fire and basically be a single mom for 5 days. Hopefully it won’t be too cold. This big ol’ house is pretty easy to deal with down to -10, go much below that and the fire just takes that much more stoking and loading. Such is life when your walls are hollow! Not even sure if we’ll ever get around to insulating the north side of the house to be honest. Too many other projects that need to be completed. Bathroom is 97.6% done now… just need trim put in place, and painted and (eventually) install the fan. I’ll probably do the fan in the spring when the attic is warmer and everything is easier to deal with.

This is my update for today, haven’t posted in what seems forever! Just been busy with work and more work and life.

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