Some random thoughts for 2011

The new year is here, I’m back to work as normal  -boo urns, can’t wait for paradise! And before that the Lords return.

With 2011 here, there are fresh signs, clues and such as to the end times, the Lords return and I’m pumped. We’re 1 year closer to His return and the next couple of years should be REALLY interesting! If you aren’t into bible prophecy, you should check it out. Its like fortune telling or gambling but for Christians 🙂 Does that cheapen it? I don’t think so, hey, if you want to know whats happening in the future, grab a bible, prophecy is throughout the bible, in just about every book of bible, references, patterns etc from Genesis to Revelation.

Hm… for those who don’t read it, maybe I should do a monthly prophecy roundup and deliver it right to you?  Sounds like a good idea 🙂

Also, we have snow on the ground and some decent temperatures, -6 or -7 right now (we’re getting there.) Looking forward to sustained temps below 10.  As for heating, I’ve have to start using the wheel barrow since my lawn tractor just isn’t ‘cut out’ (hahaha, get it, CUT out??) for driving through deep snow – even with chains and 40 pounds of liquid in the tires.

Oh ya, and that brings me to another item, to increase weight and therefore traction on farm tractors, the tires are filled, with calcium chloride, or a water/salt solution or some other type of non freezing substance. Well for my lawn tractor, I did the same after googling some ideas. I bought 20 litres in bulk of windshield wiper fluid (good to -40) and squirted it into my rear tires. 10 litres in each tire which in total adds up to just under 40 pounds of extra weight. Not bad. I need to add another 40 in there, I think I can get that much more in… So if you ever need to do that, let me know. Maybe I’ll write a blog on how I did it.

We also paid our first full mortgage payment, thats exciting, we own a tiny tiny piece of our house… and the bank owns the rest :/

This will be Ardens first full year and a year of firsts indeed – some talking maybe, crawling, teeth, lots of memories and photo chances I’m sure!

Should be an excellent year! I’m not one to do resolutions, I have too many other things to accomplish in place of adding resolutions that I probably wouldn’t keep.

Yahoo for a new exciting year. Oh, did I mention I’m also excited for iPad 2 coming out first quarter this year??

Good times!

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