Did you notice how God provides for all living things on earth, winter and summer? A super simple example are trees and snow.

When winter comes, so does a blanket of snow. Snow insulates and allows for quite a warm environment when hibernating or when living in an old house. No matter the temp outside, snow allows you to manage a comfortable temperature with the addition of a little heat source.  Example, a candle in an igloo will make it quite comfortable to stay the night.

And in summer, when the heat is scorching? Well this is when trees grow leaves, so you go sit under a tree for a nice cool break – birds and other animals know this as well, ever see the African safari images with Lions and tigers resting under trees or brush?

You may never have thought about this, but God certainly did and provided a way to get out of whatever temperature extremes happened so that you could survive at the extreme end and just be comfortable the rest of the time.

God always provides for His earth and all its living things, either overtly or in the way He has designed it (which often are overt as well)

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