Good coffee and Christmas

Coffee hasn’t tasted SO good in a while. I’m tired, a little cold (house got down to 17 degrees :/ ). Its almost nice that its monday, cause the weekend seemed really busy. I’m sure I’ll quickly snap out of that feeling once I actually start work though 😛  I have to fiddle with the fire every 15 minutes right now to get it bigger and bigger so I can get the house temp up to 20 again.  We’re out of the house so much on weekends often, especially sunday that the fire dies and the house cools before we’re back to stoke it again. Part of having a wood furnace I guess. Its a good thing we have an automatic oil backup!! And I’m complaining about stoking the fire, its only -2 out 😀 Whats going to happen when its -10 or -15 and then we’ll really have to fight to keep the house warm. Ah well. Will be an interesting winter

Its a winter of firsts:

  • First since my mom passed – first Christmas without her – thats going to be hard, especially for my dad I think
  • Ardens first Christmas – thats going to be awesome. I’ve heard it said (and not sure if I posted this before but…) as God takes one away, He sends another in their place.
  • Our first Christmas owning a house!!! YAAAA
  • My first time burning wood for primary heat! Means I’ll be stacking and tossing and splitting wood all winter. I actually don’t mind it right now, I do a trailer load at a time, drag it behind my lawn tractor to the window, and I’ve built a wood chute, so I open the window and its a one man job (good thing, cause there is only one man in the house 😉 ). The wood piles up on the furnace room floor to be stacked at a later time. Turns out we drag in a trailer load every week – which is not usually a cord at all, maybe … a half cord. So I think we’re going through 2 cords a month, so if this continues – and taking into account its not even cold yet – we’ll need another 4 cords of wood probably. btw, I said my first time because Lindsey grew up burning wood as a primary heat source, and indeed, the only heat source most of that time I think
  • and lets see, maybe thats all for firsts.
Christmas 2009 in Ajax
Ajax 2009 again

I love Christmas, its one of the happiest times that I remember, that and thanksgiving, the best parts were getting together with family, those are usually the times I remember – Christmas morning too of course.  If we don’t get together with all my manning side relatives in Nana and Grandpas house (Ajax), then it doesn’t seem complete. Not that its going to happen this year… we’ll make our own memories though with friends here.  Sometimes I think, man, nobody else is without family for Christmas and then I realize, oh wait, there are probably TONS of people who won’t have family for Christmas, let alone a warm house or meal at that! I get used to having so much, to be blessed with lots of family that was always around, willing to help, playing music.

I think every year I say to myself, self… I’m going to relax and enjoy Christmas, take it all in, stretch it out. It goes so quickly though, and another year is past (has passed??) I’d google that right now but i’m too lazy 😀

Sometimes Christmas is built up so much that as soon as its over, its sad. Wish we as humans were able to build it up and keep that feeling all year around, but then.. it wouldn’t be special right.

We’ll be buying a Christmas tree, I think for the first time this year instead of poaching one. PEI just isn’t real big when it comes to looking for lots of land to scavenge a tree from – so, we’ll support the local Christmas tree growers and make an event out of that, should be fun! Always gotta have a real tree. Over the years we have bought them in Cannington, often we would all drive out to the railroad and cut one down, but there was atleast one year where none of us got around to getting a tree so mom went downtown and bought one of the last Lions club trees for sale. We didn’t often have super beautiful ones, its almost not Christmas for us at least if we have a perfect tree, its gotta be a goofy one that we cut down ourselves. I can’t wait until we have enough land that we can go and cut our own trees. That will be so great!

Well, speaking of trees, I should throw a few more into the furnace, house isn’t up to temp yet.

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