Where Honour Is Due and other items

Two guys that deserve honour are Arthur Cudmore and Irwin Webster. ┬áIrwin was as I recall the first non pastor person to welcome us and make us feel welcome. He also organizes a hockey league and another week night hockey game (and I know how much effort that involves!) It was at the ‘Church at the beach’ day when we really talked to them initially I believe. He is a consistent Christians, morning and evening services he goes to, and a worship leader. He is a steady christian, one whom others can and do look up to.

Arthur too is a great welcomer, and friendly sort, who made us feel at home. He’s always talking about things of God and indeed even helped increase my faith in little things. He provides wisdom, and a good historical context on things in this life as well, he is a hard worker and another great person who deserves respect.

This doesn’t really do justice to these guys but I just want to put it out there, 2 great guys, great fathers, great examples of being a Christian, deserving of respect and honour, and providing good Christian examples to follow which these days can be harder to find.


In other news, its been a while since I blogged, the week was busy, I was tired. We finally sold the exercise tables that were in the basement, now that I know someone WAS interested in them to use in a business, I likely could have gotten a LOT more then I asked for them. Ohwell…. I wasn’t expecting much money and they came with the house so basically I got money for free, and a room is now cleared out. Super sore now after helping haul them out, wowzers that was crazy, wrecked the floor too, the lino at the top of the stairs ­čÖü stupid stupid… Live and learn I guess, now I have to find a way to repair it.

Really waiting for winter to hurry up and get here. Getting lots of rain the last few days. I’m looking forward to snow. We’re going to light up our big tree, its partially lit already, just need to put a lot more lights on it and maybe a star at the top. Should be very cool.

We have started burning wood, have been for a good month at least now, waiting for it to be decently cold so I can get a better idea of how much we’ll be burning. Suffice to say, I don’t think 8 cords will do the winter – I’m scavenging the junk piles of wood right now, might as well burn those. I’m not really concerned about garbage wood etc or creosote build up – I just might have to sweep the chimney a couple more times right? So ya, might as well make good use of that before the snow covers it.

Toronto Santa Claus Parade

Its FRIDAY… I don’t even remember last weekend, not sure what the issue is, I feel like we’ve been very busy, I was replacing light switches, winterizing (caulking, insulating outlets) and such and those take up the couple hours I have at night.

Tomorrow is the Charlottetown Santa Claus Parade!! YAHOO.  That will be cool and Ardens first.

This is a pic of the Toronto santa claus parade. I remember a LONG time ago when our parents took us to see the  Toronto parade, very cool. Back in the 80s I guess, we only saw it maybe once or twice. Of course we were at the Cannington parade every year (either on a float in it for our Baptist church or on the sidelines in front of the church standing by the churches hot chocolate stand)

Ah,… so many memories as I start to think about it. My mom would often man the hot chocolate stand it would be just one way our church would be friendly to the parade watchers. Super simple, they still do it now I believe. The ‘good old days’… I get that now more than ever before.

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