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As I was trying to sync my to gmail, it kept stalling, adding hundreds of the same email to ‘Recovered Mailboxes’ folder. Took a while to finally find the solution! So, I’ll pass it on for the next guy:

Taken from:

Please follow below steps.

1.Take your gmail account offline from Mail and delete the recovered messages folder.

2. Download the widget to show the hidden files from

3. Go to UserName/Library/Mail/IMAP-<username>@domain.tld@imap.domain.tld/.OfflineCache

4. Delete all the data under .OfflineCache folder – DO NOT DELETE the folder.

5. Close Mail application and reopen.

A solution to another problem on the Internet. It works! Apparently emails get stuck and hold up the sync, this fixes it if you can locate the offending email. In my case, the email was the lowest numbered one in this hidden directory – to verify, you can open them with textedit or other text apps. Delete it, then gmail should start syncing again, at least until the next problem email it encounters.

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