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I thank the Lord for so many good things He has given us, a warm house, a beautiful daughter, a good marriage, a good church family, a wonderful life. God has been really good to us and I would like to honour Him and be good stewards of what He has given us in some way. Still looking for the best ways to do this. For anyone who doesn’t know God, this is a great sum up of Christianity and what I believe: (I’ve posted this before but its worth a repost)

As for things, I’ve gimped up my arm, not sure how, stacking firewood, or hauling lumber for decks,… I dunno. Had to stop using our wood furnace last night too, the connection at the water coil is leaking :/ This was attempt number  2 at sealing it. Its part of a larger soldered piping system so its not like I can just unscrew it and re-tape it or something 🙁 Will have to try, try again on that one. The wood heat was amazing while it lasted! Should have the system up and running again by next weekend – right now we’re just relying on the oil furnace, so its super nice to have that option to fall back to!

We’re missing not being in Ontario for thanksgiving, with all my family and all Lindseys family. Unfortunately this time it just made far more sense right now to stay here because of the projects on the house. Maybe we can make it for thanksgiving next year! We will be skyping though, that should be interesting.

I’m sitting here SO tired, too tired to even hold Arden! Ok, we’ll I just wanted time to do my bible reading and write a blog and some emails before having to be a responsible father :/ Suppose I’ll have to get used to no time to myself again, unless i stay up really late. But I had late nights, I’d rather do my bible reading and stuff in the morning. Maybe I should get up at 5am? Poor Josh Singh does 😀 I thank the Lord for a loving wife and a great mother who does most of the work, and I’m glad God cut out women to do that because if it was just men, we would strap the baby into a seat all day and get some ‘real’ work done 😛

I do love Arden for sure, just so tired in the morning and i need to wake up. Maybe being a dad means I can’t use that excuse anymore. Ohwell..

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  1. If you’re dealing with copper pipe, it’s quite critical to make sure the connections are clean and dirt-free before soldering and try to get all moisture out of the pipes beforehand. Make sure you’re using a solid core solder with a good flux paste. You may want to consider adding a couple of unions that can be unscrewed so you can ease disassembly in the future if needed.

  2. They’re available for all standard sizes of copper pipe and solder in. They make it much easier to work on something like you’re describing so you don’t have to disassemble the whole thing to get at one bad joint. Any hardware store that carries plumbing supplies will have these. We can take a picture of the one on the side of our wood stove (from when we tried to make a hot water heat exchanger – note: pex does not like really hot water, we had geyser in the living room!) if you want.

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