Piping with PEX

During my boiler project, I’ve learned a few things.

When replacing or splicing 1/2 inch copper in your basement, don’t use 1/2 inch PEX. why? Well because all the fittings that go with PEX end up actually restricting the flow more than how it is with just soldered copper. You end up having less flow which feels like less pressure. Apparently these days houses are being piped with 3/4. SO, when replacing 1/2 inch in your basement, use 3/4 PEX and  you at minimum will not restrict the flow of water.

PEX is super easy to use, crimping is definitely DIY friendly, BUT as suggested above, go for the next bigger size of pipe, 3/4 in most cases.

We’re on a well, where the pump comes on and rapidly increases the pressure. For my boiler project I had replaced a section of pipe going into my hot water heater with 1/2 PEX, which restricted flow a bit. BUT, the cold side is straight 1/2 inch copper. The result is that when the pump comes on, more water can flow through the cold pipes than can get through the hot so  you feel that with temperature changes in the shower for example, which is very annoying!

With this project, I’ve also learned it can be a pain to seal threaded water system piping (and yes, I used tape :/ )  THis time I’m going to use high temp gasket goop, and maybe tape as well and screw them all in extra tight. On top of this, if I still have issues, I got some plumbers epoxy.

I’m also welding up the boiler tank, putting a new 3/4 inch threaded neck on the intake. It was all rusted and leaking – this was the worst of it. So, I proceeded to cut the worst of it off, and get a new steel end which I’ll weld on – again, for any small leaks, I’ll plug them with plumbers epoxy!

One thing about welding is that its an outside job! I started welding in our basement, along side drying lumber and saw dust 😛 Probably not the best idea. SO, i’ve put off the rest of that job until tomorrow, luckily I’m off tomorrow.

So theres an update on my boiler project. Hope to have more news of success tomorrow!

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