A cheap pocket watch became priceless

It was my moms birthday back in 1988, I went down to the Stedmans store (Wikipedia on what Stedmans is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stedmans_V%26S ) and bought a $20 pocket watch. It has a relief of 3 horses on it. see below, and those are my grubby fingers yes 😛

Pocket Watch purchased in 1988 for my mom from Stedmans in Cannington Ontario

It has more of a story but from back then but anyways, last year mom apparently requested of dad that he get the movement replaced, I guess it wasn’t working anymore. She planned on giving it back to me. She knew she wouldn’t be around much longer and was passing out many of her things months before she actually died, it was this past christmas I guess. She had dad get it all fixed and gave it to me to keep.  And now every time I open it, I remember mom and its really hard. Dad was right in this,  the loss and the feeling of missing her never goes away and it is something you don’t know until it happens to someone close. Sometimes I wonder if the passing of her parents sped up the whole process. I guess many people lose parents and live many many years after… I don’t think I’m going to die any time soon but still.

The pocket watch is now not worth any price, its not worthless, its value is in the memories, what it represents and you cannot buy that, so by that definition, it has no price, its priceless.

I still miss my mom SO much. Just saying and just remembering.

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