Got me plow on, and have some big projects to do

I attached the plow I got to my Sears Craftsman LT4000. It cost basically twice the price of the lawn tractor itself. Here is an old school vid of what I have:

Wheel weights I don’t have yet but I figure I’ll weld up a box on the back to hold an Island stone or two, that should work. Can’t wait to start playing with it. Need to smooth out our driveway first (couple potholes), then it will be used for winters snow, and next year, maybe to smooth out our rough lawn a tad, we’ll see what its capable of.

I do have lots of other work to do around here, I’ve just been taking  a little break. Hopefully bathroom renos will start this week. Hum, I have to clean out under our stairs by our well pump, and um,… OH, the big job is to get in the hot water boiler. Thats a big project – well not big as much as significant and I need to install it the right way. The way it was installed before was not ideal, infact it was an odd setup that would have required manually turning the flow on and off IF there was a fire going and turning it off when there was not as it would have otherwise just been pumping cold water into the hot water pipes :/ (to note, that was part of our issue, I found out when I turned the hot water valve off, water still came out of our hot water taps 🙁  , I thought that was going to be a pain to find, maybe a plumbing mistake in the walls somewhere… turns out it was right where the old hot water tank was, there was an open loop there directing cold water straight into the hot)

Hm… maybe I’ll start on that project tonight, waiting to hear back from our furnace installer guy who has a similar setup. I want to see exactly how he has implemented it as it requires thicker piping and such. Apparently the hot water boiler can build up quite a lot of pressure so I’ll have to do some quality plumbing! Sand, flux,slide and solder and watch for the solder suck.  Almost like a school time rhyme for remembering how to solder correctly eh 😛

Any tips from anyone on that are appreciated!

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