Got to make use of my welder again tonight. Why you ask? Well I did a cheap job of welding last time, it broke so I had to do it right this time 😛 I had welded a hitch onto my lawn tractor and I was pulling around a full size car trailer hauling junk wood and it worked itself too much that it broke :/ So this time I got a real hitch welded directly on to the back of the tractor with a brace made out of an old ratchet. Hope this lasts longer, it should.

Having a welder is awesome, there is like nothing you can’t repair with a welder or a hammer and nails! (and duct tape, electrical tape, snake clamps… and carpenters glue :P). Seriously though welders come in SO handy. Stuff that you really can’t repair with anything else can be fixed saving you a pile of money if you had to pay for it.

Lotsa babbling, love welders and welding, awesome tool!

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  1. Go Micah! First job I had out of high school was apprenticship welding at Napanee Industries. I was welding the steel panels for the bed in railway cars. Boy that goes back awhile. I did enjoy welding though. Only experienced a flash once and boy were my eyes sore.
    Sounds like you are having a lot og fun with your new place. Give our love to Lindsey and Arden.

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