End of the good times?

This happens every year and every year its sad 🙁 The end of summer. Today is the ‘back to school’ day and though that doesn’t effect me (I hated it every year when I had to go back!), its still sad that all the kids have to go back. Its grey, and rainy here after an amazing extra long weekend for me (4 days). I was able to get lots of work done, thank the Lord!

I miss the summers back when I was in school, now its just a melding of sprint and fall in a way, before though, it was a defined time when we would just play all day, go on vacations, and play some more. For adults, summer is just a season, you still gotta work every day.  I think they (the government or somebody) should institute a law that gives all people the same 2 months off, off of work, school, whatever – course as I think about that, I suppose that would likely mean no canadian tire, home depot, gas stations, restaurants… ok, maybe that wouldn’t work.  I’d love to be well off enough that I could take 2 months off.  I probably would end up getting bored though – not this summer so much as we have been so busy though.

Ya, the passing of summer is a monumental. For me its always a time of reflecting. ie, what happened this summer, and then what happened to with all my other summers, the fun things we did, the sad things that happened etc. I always promise myself that I’ll relax, take in the nice days, enjoy the summer to the fullest, but I’m either too fidgety and just want to go onto the next thing or too busy. Its fine being busy, but when I’m busy cause I’m under the gun for mortgage stuff, its not quite as fun. I think when I get to heaven, we’ll have the patience, or I will and the ability to take in everything, to enjoy a moment 100% and remember it. Maybe thats my problem, I need to hold onto memories and enjoy them over and over. Ohwell, I don’t know what I think this morning.

Have to go to the dentist today 🙁 And the coffee is calling, need to go make some.

Actually, as I was googling links for summer blues, I saw a link for winter stuff. I’m actually excited for the fall season, the 70 mile yardsale at Wood Islands, for family visiting, for the

beautiful fall days  / nights to come which should still be nice and warm! I’m excited for winter, to try out our new furnaces, to really find out what this house is like in the winter. Should be very interesting 🙂 So one season is over but new ones begin and i should probably look forward rather then trying to re-live the past.

Happy fall season to all and to all a good day!

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