the world must be spinning backwards

Why do we as a society never learn from our past; we always repeat what we did back then?

Two of my pet peeves are ‘cloud computing’ and CDs… So this *new* cloud computing thing is where all our files are saved on big servers somewhere on the Internet and we as users access them via what are basically just screens, terminals as they are called.  The terminals themselves aren’t necessarily powerful, infact they aren’t meant to be, all the computing, storage etc are maintained on the big servers. This is how computing started basically, you’d have one big room that held a massive main frame computer, and everyone used the same main frame via smaller / cheaper / less powerful terminals. Citrix anyone? Thats one example of where the old is new again. The advantage these days is you can access your data anywhere without actually taking it with you, it lives in a virtual world, more secure and accessible they say then storing files on your local desktop… meh, I like to have my files close to me, not on some mainframe where some tech somewhere has access to them all. Its a great way to encourage world government and socialism 😉 Dropbox and all that… sadly these are the ways people are accessing files on things like iPads (which is kinda like a terminal, not a full fledged computer according to the common definition of computer) Its a small / cheap / less powerful device with which you view content, all the work is done by dropbox, or other only processing setups.

K, enough bout that, suffice to say, I like my files on my computer, not in a cloud.

Second peeve, why CDs? Why were CDs so much better? Especially when people are flocking back to vinyl as a better analog sounding recording medium.  My problem was going from cassettes which were almost indestructible to CDs which warp, scratch, are not really repairable… seemed like a step backwards in technology to me. Tapes were great, they could be kicked around, used as a street hockey puck and still work in a cassette player. They didn’t warp in the sun as to be unplayable, and you could always splice cassette tape back together when it got damaged! My CDs and DVDs are SO fragile that you actually need to keep them in cases. Back in the day, you could have a box full of cassettes all jumbled around and they worked as if new. DVDs and CDs were not meant to last like casssettes I don’t think.. Anyways, ya this is a totally subjective rant.

I’m sure you can think of so many other examples of things in this world that seem to have went backwards when we should have went forward. Over sanitization causing our immune systems not to be exposed to germs in a healthy way causing us to actually be weaker around germs? Getting into super cheap plastic products only to find out they are poisoning us so we go back to cast iron and natural wood products?

We get to a place and think we can improve on it, when maybe we need to get to a place where we’re smart enough to realize before hand that progress in a certain area is enough. Of course we can never know the future, ie plastics in microwaves which they probably didn’t give much thought to in the beginning…

How to wrap this up neatly,… no idea, just things that make you go ‘hmmmmmm’…

– mainframe to pc to cloud computing

– cds as a medium being ‘better’ then cassette tapes

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3 thoughts on “the world must be spinning backwards

  1. There’s nothing new under the sun I guess! I’d rather have my files on my own computer. And I’d rather a cast iron frying pan too 🙂

  2. I hear you. I remember all the hoop-la about this newer device called a stylus which would revolutionize the way we text on iPhones etc. We would no longer need to use our fingers (which got it the was, were just too darned big, use of which gave us “Nintendo thumb”, etc), but this hand held, non-corded, slim, pointed, device to point to letters on the screen and communicate.

    Gee, I recall in the dinosaur age, something similar. It too was a slim, pointed, hand-held, self contained, non-radioactive, non-wave-patterned, re-usable device for intimate exclusive use with a flat, open ended, communications medium specifically designed to work with this unit.

    They were called “pen and paper” .

    The more things change…the worse they get.

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