a quiet monday morning on Prince Edward Island

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Wow, we live in PEI, how cool is that! Love it being here. sometimes I miss Ontario, but not TOO much. I liked being closer to family of course, but also MBC, Algonquin national park, cottage country in general up there and all the memories of family vacations and outings up there. Those were good times. Its when its quiet that I think more about how it used to be, days gone by that will never come around again, thats just how it is. I always think I need to enjoy the moment but I don’t know if I know how to do that. I mean I enjoy it but how do you make it last any longer? You can’t really, you just try to enjoy it for the brief time its there and move on. This summer has been crazy, as I said before, likely one of the most significant years ever in my life, top 5 at minimum, likely higher unless other bigger events transpire. One thing I miss is doing our little drives, go get a Tims, drive somewhere, discover something new, and not be in a rush or be tired or be on some timeline.  I also have reno work to be completed which is delaying the mortgage payments – don’t start paying mortgage until we’ve borrowed all the money we requested for renos.

Oh and church, we’ve been so tired, busy with family – a whole pile of excuses, and we haven’t been out to a sunday evening service in a while. Sunday feels a bit incomplete without sunday evening service, of course with Arden it complicates it. If it was right on an hour, it would be easier, but the service can stretch up to 2 hours or more sometimes – maybe we just need to purpose to leave at a set time :/ More than an hour with a baby means you need to get up in the middle some time for feeding, or changing or something…

Back to my quiet monday morning – its not quiet in my brain! I have my cup of coffee, sitting in my man chair as my laptop fries my legs with radiation 😛  . And its not so quiet anymore, got some construction guys scraping the pavement with shovels. Its a nice sunny day out, blue skies, a little breezy as is usual here on the Island. I’ve grown to appreciate wind and breezes, I used to hate them in Ontario because they would always make what could have been a nice toasty day, a cool one. Now though, it provides cooling at night, keeps our flag flying high, carries dust from our vacuum away and helps to dry our clothes and firewood! Also keeps bugs at bay a bit. Provides fresh air in the house all day long.

Speaking of wind, here is a view of North Cape where we were saturday night:

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3 thoughts on “a quiet monday morning on Prince Edward Island

  1. Quiet sometimes isn’t quiet, is it. Even on pokey little PEI!! I like the Island – between June and October. November to May is an exercise in endurance. My sole comforts are that neither the bugs nor the criminals like the cold.

    There’s a new baby around! I remember those days well…church used to last 3 hours or so at night, and it was either go and do what you normally do when the baby says to do it (even if it is frustrating) … or stay home and rest – and maybe miss out on something. The deciding factor was whether we were taking care of ourselves so that we would have enough energy to give to our children. Either way, ministry was impossible for us in those first few months/years. I was the youngest in my family and definitely not used to small children, and hubby had a bit more experience but didn’t want to overstep my boundaries. I should have let him help more.

    Our extended family was all off Island, the girls were both high-maintenance (so we felt guilty about palming them off on church volunteers) and we had nobody close-by with whom we could leave our children and not worry the place would be burned down when we got home. Or worse, that the baby had been crying for hours. That was before cell phones and affordable laptops. (grin)

    We survived – and so did the kids – miraculously (haha!) and eventually we were able to make the time to spend with each other. I can’t promise that the external will be quiet, (enjoy those times when they happen, you’re right, they don’t last long) but the perfect moments when God quiets the spirit before Him are the best of all.

  2. Wonderful to find your blog and reconnect. Wow – you moved to PEI and had a baby!!
    How exciting. All looks very beautiful.

    I am so impressed that you understand and are so involved with the baby – Arden.
    That is wonderful, as even though I only knew you for a brief time, I knew you would be a terrific daddy. It certainly helps the mother to know that her husband is understanding every step of the way.

    I want to ride motorcycle to East Coast – soon. I was born in Halifax and love the East Coast. I was in NB in May, but was working for Barrett Xplore briefly.

    Are you working ?

    Hope to connect soon

  3. Oh hey, ya working at LogiSense still. So you worked for Nicoles company eh? I think she’s still there. Its great being here in PEI 🙂 We’re super busy with a new house and baby and all!

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