Widow lives with corpses of husband

Crazy story for sure, but what I found interesting was here heart, she was so scared there was nothing beyond this life and so she held closely to all she ever had in this world, her husband and her sister. It is sad when this life ends as it did for my mom, but we have the hope that we will see our friends and family once again in heaven. Its the blessed hope!

Part of her worries that after death, there’s … nothing. “Is that the grand finale?” But then she gets up at night and gazes at the stars in the sky and the deer in the fields, and she thinks, “There must be somebody who created this. It didn’t come up like mushrooms.”

She is starting to figure it out as you can see through her comments above. We as humans have SUCH a hard time with death when if we believed in God and really understood or grasped what was ahead, we would be full of joy and celebrate the passing of a loved one with the knowledge that we would see them again in a glorified body only with Jesus in heaven.

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