Whats happening?

Well, I’ve been super busy,  new baby, moving, fixing the house, Canada day, websites. All kinds of stuff. We’ve received lots of help from Lindseys parents, fixing and had lots of fun touring, visiting beaches etc, going to the Canada Day festivities in North Rustico, even joining the boat parade with Mike Doucette! That was lots of fun.

The house is slowly getting into order, and things are again,… slowly returning to some kinda normal. No more trips to Kensington, YAHOOO. Just focusing on the house now ever extra minute I get when I’m not at REAL work or doing other work. My office is setup enough for me to work in it, still need lots of shelving. The upstairs is slowly coming apart / being repaired. We’re working in what will be the master bedroom, going to insulate and drywall in there.

Hoping to get some good work done this weekend – hopefully. Something always comes up but at least we don’t have to worry about moving anything else!

Stay tuned, I do have lots of photos, i’m still ironing out the next evolution of my photo album as the one I have is getting dated :/

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  1. Glad you guys are having fun and getting settled…we are at a hotel in Guelph for a night and doing some caching. The kids have been talking about you guys lots lately and asking when we’ll go and see you again 🙂

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