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Arden is doing well, pretty sure she is gaining weight though we haven’t had her weighted in a bit, no nurse has come by in a couple days. We’re used somewhat to the new schedule, we have methods in place that work for feeding times throughout the night. We are quite tired both of us, Lindsey more I’m sure but I don’t take any naps during the day so best I get is 8 hours split up ever 2 hours during the night, every 3 if we’re lucky and Arden decides to sleep. Not sure of the difference between a straight 8 hours and one thats broken up, I’m sure there are big health implications backed up by lots of statistics saying that we’ll age prematurely or something if we don’t get a straight 8 hours of sleep.

Anyways, we’re so busy with the new house, I am anyways, getting contractors in, and then extra web design stuff on my side, and of course I work 8 hours at my regular day job 5 days a week. So all of that adds up to not much time to relax and be bored. Its fun in a way since its all new, but stressful too.

Our decking lumber is being delivered today,  firewood should be getting delivered today or tomorrow, 8 cords of it, in 8ft lengths, medium size hardwood, yahoo!

So we are both very busy, for new pictures, Arden doesn’t really look much different then the first two weeks so not much to keep snapping pics for at this time. We will accumulate thousands of pictures over time of her I’m sure as events come up, we take her out to the beach and other things. For now though, neither of us feel like posting EVERYTHING on facebook about the baby.

So thats it, all is well, glad most of the initial stress of having the baby is over with, we now know what to do with the baby, as opposed to when we first got her home and really had no clue. Now its just learning as we grow with Arden.

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