All Christians should live off the grid

Here is a story about some ‘hardcore’ christians, living more off the grid and more apart from government in the US:

They pride themselves on living on their own, not accepting government money etc.. What do you think of groups like this that seem to go off on tangents from regular society in the name of religion? Should we all be trying to get back to a more basic set of rules under God or do we accept government in our lives, respect and honour those in leadership above us and seek to live a godly life, humbled in front of God and striving to love others and show Christs love to others regardless of goverment assistance, benefits, etc?

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3 thoughts on “All Christians should live off the grid

  1. God’s people have always despised the world economy when it comes into conflict with God’s economy of love, sacrifice, forgiveness and divine living. Christ came to announce His Kingdom of Heaven on earth in the Beattitudes. Zacchaeus’s conscience was touched and he renounced his human living for a divine life.
    Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector. The Romans ruled over the Jewish people. They had to pay heavy taxes. The Romans and chief tax collectors could invent and find names for all kinds of taxes that oppressed the people. The Romans taxed everything bought and sold. They imposed road taxes, bridge taxes, town taxes, wheel taxes, and per capita taxes. People paid taxes on pack animals. People paid taxes for admission to the markets. Tax collectors would stop people on the road and require them to unload their pack animals and open every bale and package. The unscrupulous tax agents found countless ways to take advantage of and over- charge the people.
    In the Roman system, administrators or chief collectors collected the taxes. They in turn had agents working under them. The agents and chief collectors took a commission before paying the Romans.
    Jericho was a regional center for the collection of taxes, and Zacchaeus was the top man in that area. He contracted with the government to collect taxes but hired others to do the actual work. This made Zacchaeus very wealthy. He had one of the finest homes in Jericho. He had everything a person could desire.

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