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Being Creative

Enjoying the whole web design thing, great way to put my creative abilities to work / exercise them. I enjoy creating things – maybe to make up for the fact that I can never carry a baby like my wifey? 🙂  Whatever the reason, I’ve always enjoyed building things, whether virtual or not. Speaking of which, i have plans to make a table at the new house. How hard can it be really eh? 😛 Have some basic plans in mine, its going to be a rustic one. Thats the kind I like and thats the kind that is also much easier to make!

The house

Closing day is friday morning, yahoo! We’ll see be home owners. First I got married, and that was crazy, and now we brought a little person into the world, thats super crazy, and now we’re buying a house just like grown ups. What a world we live in and what blessing in our lives no thanks to anything we’ve done but to Gods love for us! God is awesome. It was a tad crazy to get into the whole house buying thing and have it SO close to the babys due date. Live and learn :/ Next time we buy a house, I’ll make sure not to schedule them within the same 2 weeks. (how often does that happen eh). I can’t wait to get into the new house, dad is bring a trailer full of the ‘other half’ of our worldly possessions.  Seriously… we are SO rich, we have SO much, much we don’t even use. Our wish and hope is that Lindsey and I can use what we have some how for Jesus by way of the church, offering the space out for bible study, youth events,… things of that sort, oh and hospitality. I may be asking a lot of Lindsey, I hope we can make it all happen though.

I hope the house isn’t a lemon as well, you never can know for sure although we did our best to figure out if there was anything we weren’t aware of… super exciting times for us, wow! God is AWESOME!

Bible Reading

I didn’t read my bible much while in the hospital 24 hours a day, don’t know where the time went…. I don’t remember being bored with nothing to do often, there was always a baby to attend to, nurses to talk to or move out of the way with, home chores to do when I could get home, emails to respond to – when I was home, drinks and food to get for Lindsey etc.  What an experience. I didn’t dislike it, I mean its amazing we have a child but it takes its toll and quickly initiates us to the fact that from now on, we will be spending a lot more time looking after our child (and hopefully children) and less time doing things for ourselves, projects, etc.

Wood Burning Furnace

Looking forward to trying out our new wood burning furnace, and getting a chain-saw to cut up our 8 ft length hardwood. Just looked into ordering that today, I’d like  a pile sitting there for june so we can get some cut up and ready to go (or dry out as the case may be).

House Maintenance

And I think we’re busy now with 1 child, wait until there is a whole house worth of maintenance to be doing. :S  but I mean, my parents managed, everybody else in the world manages. Actually, we have it easier than … probably 99% of people in the world, I mean really when you think about it right. Never take what you have for granted, I need to remind myself that EVERY day.

Oil and Plugs

Lets see,… what else… changed the oil and plugs in our caliber, plugs had never been done since we got it, likely they were never changed. Always feels good to get new parts into a car… not sure why exactly. You just feel like the car runs better when you do that 🙂

Having Mom Around

Its incredibly helpful to have Lindseys mom Rita here (indefinitely) to help us manage, cooking meals and being the 3rd set of hands when things get crazy. Even just to give us time for showers or whatever. I would be quite a challenge if it were just LIndsey and I. And I can’t imagine what it would be like for a single mom, wow… can’t even begin to think of the stress on them to manage that with a new born, you spend almost every minute of the day looking after them basically, no break. Kudos to all those single parents, I respect them hardcore and admire them for that.

Alright, thats all I’ll bore y’all with today. … I probably need to get something done around our house right now 😛

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