Movie: The invention of lying

Have you seen the movie? The Invention Of Lying?

Heres a review

Its a grrreat movie for a young adults discussion, although, there is some sexual content, not skin, just innuendo, etc. So not the cleanest movie. It is however a great discussion starter for like I say, a young adults group or bible study. Why?

Well the premise is that this guy discovers lying in a world that doesn’t know what lying is so he can ‘say’ anything he wants and people believe him. He tells his mom who is dying that there is a heaven basically – this is one of his lies in the movie, the whole world at that time just believed you went in the ground. Now the whole world wants to know where he found that info and he tells a story of a man in the sky who has built mansions for us and controls everything, its all apparently a lie that he is telling the people and they believe it. Its really so twisted but its a great commentary on this world, what people think of religion, what people end up doing if they know they are / think they are going to heaven – ie they just do nothing in life and even try to die sooner cause they know the next life will be better… so many interesting thoughts it brings up about religions, where we are these days with people believing. The whole movie makes Christianity look ridiculous and even the cause of all the issues, it really gets you, if not a christian, to become more ‘rah rah’ for groups against God and religions.

Anyways, hard to explain, if you’re of age and want to really think about Christianity in a different way, maybe from a way others view Christianity, you should go get this movie. Again, its not wholesome at all, but it does really make you think!

EDIT: After writing this, I saw an interesting article: “Lying children grow up to be successful citizens”

So lying is something seemingly promoted these days. What do you think about this and the article??

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