When its sunny

I was thinking, while driving yesterday, how nice  PEI looks when its a nice sunny day! It was quite nice yesterday, 17 degrees and sunny with clouds.  Can’t wait for it to stay that way, maybe by May 24th? Great to have all the windows open and for the house not to get cold. We went to see some wind turbines last night, they definitely are HUGE when looked at close up. Pretty impressive machines especially when realizing they are actually producing electricity all from wind.

I’m drinking freshly ground coffee this morning, great to get the beans and grind’em fresh. We are very rich when I really think about it!

Sad that my mom won’t be around for all the fun we’re going to have this summer, been um,… 2 or 3 months since she passed away.  I suppose after someone dies you always wish for one more year, one my month, one more day. With our baby coming along, I was really hoping she would be able to see our first child and our first house. Oh well, not everything can be perfect, and as I always think, there are many others in this world with worse stories and harder things to deal with then me.

Anyways, when its sunny and warm and we’re exploring the Island, all worries seem to fade a way. Can’t wait for summer here!

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  1. I agree those wind turbines sure are amazing! Hey I like your new layout!

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