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We’ve put our first offer in on a house EVER. Big move, now we’re in the game of waiting to see if its accepted. As we’re looking to purchase our first house, I’m finding there are SO many hoops to jump through.  Thanks so much to the ‘idiots guide to home buying’ and ‘home buying for dummies’ and ‘holmes on homes’ etc, we were able to get a decent idea of what to expect in the process, what things to look for in a house, how the offer / purchase things work, what all might be included in closing costs and all of that good stuff. We’re not OVERLY excited or stressed, realistically, the current owner could do any number of things with our offer, who knows what will happen. Tis a good learning experience nonetheless (note that nonetheless is actually a word, and accepted as spelled like that, interesting – as opposed to ‘none the less’, the english language is a crazy thing).

This process will supposedly move fairly quickly now as we wait to hear back, and if that goes through, inspectors, contractors, insurance agents and all need to be lined up and paraded through the house as part of the due diligence / home buying closing requirements. So many things to think about and ducks to get lined up. I suppose once you have a house, its not too complicated, stuff is in place and you live like normal. I’m just thinking out loud, wondering what things would be floating over my head, our heads, once we actually own a home, stresses, jobs that need to get done, having to fix things (all being on us, as the Landlord IS now us)

Thank the Lord for parents willing to help us move and renovate as needed, don’t know how people cope without parents directly involved and willing to help. Well, I guess they just make due but I’m super glad we have help as its a stressful time. Oh, and not to mention that we’re having a baby too 🙂 So that complicates this all, adds an extra layer of thought processes, purchase requirements and ducks to line up. I’m glad Lindsey is very organized, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep track 😉

Overall, I think this whole experience will be excellent learning for us. Those dummies / idiot books are great for this sort of thing and since Lindsey likes the library, we get to use them for free – rather then having to buy them for 30 bucks or whatever they cost. Libraries, they are so cooky, who woulda thought you can go into a government funded place and grab a book and take it home all for free? 😛  Libraries don’t really fit with the economy these days, and not many people frequent them likely anymore either with the Internet and all. I think thats a subject for another blog though.

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  1. Exciting stuff! I hope all the ducks get ‘lined up in their rows’ quickly and smoothly for you guys! We are praying this will all come together for you guys…

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