Being Content

Luke 12:22

Then turning to his disciples, Jesus said, “So I tell you, don’t worry about everyday life–whether you have enough food to eat or clothes to wear.

We are told to be content with what we have, right out of Jesus mouth. As Lindsey and I look forward to having a child, AND looking at the huge step of buying a house (funny how I somehow made buying a house bigger than having a child 😛 Maybe because having a child is more natural,… and less money in the short term I guess. financially its not as big as a thing as buying a house, not according to the monthly payments anyways). Anyways, both are large in a persons life and for us, its all happening within a 2 month period.

I’m a gadget guy, what guy isn’t right? Although I don’t have a cellphone or iPod… I like gadgets, I just can’t afford them. The whole buyers remorse thing comes into affect when you invest in such an item as its not really a requirement for life, just an add on frill whose excitement lasts only a little while.  We are not to worry about the ‘little’ things of life, Jesus doesn’t say we can’t think about them, or even think about them a lot, He just says we shouldn’t spend time worrying about them as the Lord will provide in the end one way or another.

I find for myself, I get caught up worrying about things down the road, striving for the next thing on the financial roadmap or the next gadget, and maybe those goals and interests are OK, I just shouldn’t let those things keep me from enjoying the now, spending time with Lindsey and celebrating where we’re at now and recognizing where God has put us at this time in our lives.

How many of you recognize the now and enjoy the blessings of now? How many are always looking forward to the next big thing, or saying to yourself, ‘once we get to THAT point, we’ll be good, once we get THIS new thing, all will be well and we can relax’.

Something to consider for sure, 1000 years ago, people had SO much less, in terms of products anyways, and they were just as happy, maybe more so in a simpler life sort of way.

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