The law of nature, broken

This is an interesting read on the collider apparently breaking the laws of nature. Parity violation? Anyways, don’t understand it all, but I do know who created the laws of nature in the first place. God! He holds the planet, the laws and everything together, indeed these ‘laws’ put in place by God and us being able to peer behind them in a way means that something greater than our existance must be there. We as humans have zero idea of how everything works and we’re only slowly finding out that there is more to the laws and life than we realize.

“A very interesting thing happened in these extreme conditions,” Sandweiss says. “Parity violation is very difficult to detect, but the magnetic field in conjunction with parity violation gave rise to a secondary effect that we could detect.”

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  1. Bah, you keep saying we know nothing about the laws of nature. The truth is we know a lot about it. Enough to make some choices. We don’t understand the micro and macro scales, though, but they take effect at the quantum and galaxy scales. We have the knowledge to figure out what we need to do with nature here on earth.

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