A quiet saturday morning, 3 topics

I’m drinking a cup of joe, whats new eh :P, on a fine sunny saturday morning. Lindsey is off at work, she gets Sunday and Mondays off now. A few different things to blog about this morning:

The News: boy, there is a lot of anti Israel talk going on right now, Turkey, Russia, no help from the US (Canada quietly stands by them which is great). There is so much news if you follow it and you know what the bible prophesies for the end times. Ie all nations will eventually come against Israel, led by Iran and Russia. Things are gearing up for this although there are some major events still to take place, ie a peace treaty, one world government, all that good stuff. If you like prophecy at all, there are SO many things happening right now, its amazing! We are truly living in biblical times if you just open your eyes to it.

A House: We’re still waiting to get into the house that we are interested in, really the only one we have been interested in for a couple weeks now, we still haven’t gotten to it. there was a sick family member the last week, this last couple weeks our agent was on vacation. Hoping!! to see it next week so that we can know once and for all if its still on our list of potential places. We’ve seen no other ones seem to fit all our criteria – and ya, we’re not going for a regular house, we’re shooting higher but hey, I think we’re able to which is great 🙂  We just really feel like we need to get in to see this house to know if its worth the time we’re spending thinking about it or should we change our sights and look for something more simple, a more regular bungalow type house. Most houses we’ve seen either need TOO much work or are just boring houses, no character or anything. So heres hoping that we can get into it this week.

Allergies and sick kids: Ok, this is probably controversial, but… whatever, thats my middle name. I think all the ailments kids have these days, or many of them (that WE never had growing up) are caused by the environment. Parents sometimes are too clean, they baby their kids too much. Kids have respiratory ailments and peanut allergies (I think) because they are not exposed to enough stuff growing up. You can probably find lots of medical documentation saying I’m wrong but… hey, no one in my school had a peanut allergy, and now SO many kids have it, whats up with that? No, our kids are going to grow up full of germs, dirt in their mouths, lots of cuts, scrapes and junk from playing outside in the real outdoors. Their bodies will learn through all this to handle and fight bacteria, germs, and their bodies overall will be able to cope with ALOT more things as they grow. Hey, I’m not saying something I didn’t experience. My brother and I came home after an afternoon in the forest climbing trees, starting fires, building tree forts, we had bruised and cut hands, scraps, we had likely ingested all kinds of ‘garbage’ (granted all that garbage would be natural stuff, leaves, pollen, fresh air, good ole clean dirt). We broke bones, well, I did at least, we played dangerously, crashed our bikes, crashed into things, got sick (which is EXCELLENT, your body can’t defend against something it never saw when growing up, so let your kids get sick!!) When young your immune system generates anti-bodies for all this stuff, it figures it all out, so don’t over medicate cuts and scraps and illness, nature.., no God has it covered, He has built all this stuff into us automatically. So let your kids get dirty, hurt, explore, play out in the woods. Its great for their immune system. Not only that, its great for them in learning motor skills, limits, learning about nature in general, social skills, creativity, communication skills… so many things they are learning as they are out and about playing!

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